water soluble cbd isolate


CBD isolate is the isolated CBD molecule distilled to a 99.9% purity. In its pure form CBD isolate looks like powder and can have the appearance of infusing properly into beverages. Regular CBD isolate will dissolve in water, but will not homogenize evenly- in its pure form it is still oil-soluble. Water soluble CBD is the solution - at Apricity we have converted a pure 99.9% CBD isolate powder into a more bioavailable water-soluble form for consumers using food-grade organic emulsifiers in order to more acutely experience the CBD cannabinoid.

Standard Active Ingredients:

Cannabidiol (CBD) 99.9%

Common Terpene Profile:


Contaminant Analysis:

Heavy Metals: None Detected (ND)

Pesticides: ND

Lead: ND

Arsenic: ND

Residual Solvents: ND


THC Range: 0.0%

Available Forms: Powder or liquid

Cannabinoid Profile: CBD Isolate

Cannabinoid Concentration: 10%

Custom Potency: Can be formulated upon request

Decarbed: Yes

Source: Vegan USDA-organic food-grade emulsifiers

GMO Status: Non-GMO

Flavor: Flavorless

Appearance: White

Shelf Life: 24 months

Storage: Store in a cool dry room; avoid sunlight

COA: Available upon request


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