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Apricity Collective specializes in the distribution of high-quality water-soluble hemp-derived cannabinoids to the beverage industry. We provide a tailored suite of products to retail and wholesale companies operating in the coffee, tea, and pre-packaged beverage industries. We work with reputable organic farms, certified laboratories, and industry leaders on the cutting edge of extraction technology to provide quality service and supply to our partners.



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The patent-pending delivery technology proves to enhance ingestible products in three main ways:



Water-Soluble CBD vs. Conventional CBD Oil


CBD in its natural state is hydrophobic (water-repellent). This means that CBD is not water-soluble in its natural form, which is why most CBD products on the market are offered as an oil. Like most oils, getting it to mix with water is almost an impossible task.

As human’s, we’re made up of about 60% water. Subsequently, conventional CBD oils are not easily absorbed into the human body. Actual absorption of these oils into the body (the bioavailability) can be as low as 10%, resulting in diluted dosing and effect.

In comparison, our water-soluble formulas allow rapid absorption - since our bodies are mostly water, water-soluble compounds travel through the body faster and more efficiently. The result, a highly effective water-soluble full spectrum formulation with up to 80% absorption into the body.



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At Apricity Collective we understand how overwhelming
the influx of information about CBD can be.

Apricity Collective is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. We believe transparency, education, and customer service are integral to successful partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships.